Let’s Fix Your Septic System!

Signs That You Need a Septic Tank Repair

Maintaining your home is always easier said than done. You need to keep an eye on all utilities to make sure everything is perfectly functioning. When it comes to your septic systems, if something goes wrong, it is best to call a professional contractor to have a look. Here are some signs that you need a septic tank repair.

  • There is slow drainage.

If your septic tank is fully functioning, water will freely flow through your drains. If you start noticing that water takes time to drain, then consider getting a septic tank repair. You can observe this through your toilets and sinks, too.

  • There are strong odors.

Once you start smelling foul odors, this may mean that your septic tank is already full. A full septic tank makes the smell even worse. If you start smelling these strange odors, call the nearest septic tank contractor to have a look at your septic system before the problem gets worse.

  • There is a pool of water in your yard.

You might notice a pool of water in your lawn. This might mean that your septic tank is already overflowing or your drain has started to clog. Whatever it is, make sure you give it immediate attention.

  • Your grass changes its normal color.

A leaking sewage usually has something to do with the change in the color of your grass. If it becomes bright green or brown all of a sudden, make sure to check your septic system.

If you think you are in need of a septic tank repair, just give A&E Contractor and Waste Management a call anytime. You can reach us at (318) 314-2276 and we are located in Shreveport, LA. We look forward to hearing from you and providing you with top-quality services.